Geography of Shandaria

Geography of the Thane Islands

The Thane Islands are a small chain of islands located off the southern coast of the mainland, Shandaria. The largest island is where the fortress city of Arlane is located. It is a large island with high hills rising from the surrounding beaches with a sub-tropical temperature. The highest hills and bluffs of the island are where the fortress city was built, with the surrounding hills covered in farmland. Arlane grows just enough food to feed the city when complimented by local seafood, though those from some factions miss the vast amounts of mutton or beef they used to be able to raise on the mainland. Two large ports serve the fortress, Port Scorch on the northern coast, which serves as Arlane’s naval hub, and Port Diva on the southern coast which is more of a free port.

While Arlane island itself is defensible, it lacks in some valuable natural resources required for self sufficiency. The nearby island of Korikan houses a small mountain that has been found to be rich in iron ore and other valuable metals. Lumber operations have also been established on some of the smaller surrounding islands to provide much needed wood for houses and boats.

Geography of Shandaria Mainland

When they were safe, the lands of Shandaria were plentiful and those who lived there were want for little. The lands were generally divided by a great river that ran from the ocean and ran north all the way to the highlands where it emptied into a great lake. Along the southern coasts, the lowlands that made up the river’s basin was home to the Kingdom of Averia. Though along the coast the climate of Averia was sub-tropical, most of the kingdom was a warm rolling hill land with plenty of fertile soil to encourage urban development.

To the north, on the other side of the lake, all the way up and into the mountains flanking the northern edge of Sandaria, was the territory belonging to the Karzarik Empire. While the lowlands were still fairly temperate and fertile, the mountains themselves were quite cold due to their high altitude, and as such, the denizens of the mountains prided themselves on their tolerance of the frozen environments. Sufficed to say they are not happy in the tropics of Arlane.

To the east lie a great forest some say was blessed by the gods when they made The World and then guarded by the Primal Spirits. It is said that in these forests, primal spirits walk among mortals as animals and as trees. If this is true, it explains why the citizens of the Eldrathian Aliance were so potent in their use of primal powers as well as their apparent attunement with the nature around them. The Eldrathians sought balance with their environment and rarely wanted else from outside, but their apparent isolation didn’t stop them from fighting battles with the other nations over their valuable lumber resources.

Finally to the west of Shandaria opens up a great desert that goes on and on and on, and marks a natural, difficult to pass barrier between Shandaria and the rest of the world. From these deserts emerged a once nomadic nation empowered by the rediscovery of “Magi-Science,” the Republic of Rova. The nation went on to claim what oasis and fertile lands that border the desert they could, sometimes through bargain and trade, sometimes through conquest.

Over 100 years ago when the people of Arlane departed the mainland, their homes were ravaged by the infernal invasion. Farms were burned, forests corrupted, caverns collapsed, fortresses were toppled. Few know the fate of their former homeland, and those who do are not sharing with those still here. Everyone still lives in the hope that they will someday the safe signal to return to the land of their grand parents and rebuild.

Other Planes and Shandaria

While not common, connection points between the Shadowfell and the Feywild exist within the borders of each nation in Shandaria. As a result, fey creatures such as Eladrin and gnomes were known to forge trade packs, and sometimes even alliances, with the nations of Shandaria. Now however those who came to live in The World are trapped with the Arlane refugees with no way home. There’s only one known connection point to feywild near Arlane and it leads to a long abandoned spire haunted by undead eladrin. It’s not a pleasant place to be, nor a safe way home for the stranded extra-planars.

Geography of Shandaria

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